Monday, 29 April 2013

Nessie Dorma

A sad moment yesterday, as Coach Anthony delivered his final team talk to the 2012-13 Aireborough Lions Under 6s.  Boo hoo!

End-of-season presentations will follow next Sunday, whilst the rugby dads get drunk. 

But thankfully I have more uplifting news on the rugby front.

I recently declared in our kitchen that, in two years' time, I wanted to go to Rome to watch Ireland play Italy in the Six Nations.  Vanessa mumbled something along the lines of "very interesting dear" in response.

And there has been a development after the fixtures for the 2015 Six Nations tournament were announced. 

It turns out that the date of the Italy v Ireland game is Saturday 7 February, with a 2.30pm kick-off. 

And what a stroke of fortune that is.  Because 7 February 2015 is the precise date when Mrs White reaches the somewhat alarming age of 40.

So, for her 40th birthday, I shall be taking her to the rugby and then around the pubs afterwards.  I might even buy her some novelty head gear.  A leprechaun hat, perhaps.

What a lucky (old) Mrs White she is.