Wednesday, 24 April 2013

There's them Whites

No-one I know has ever described us Whites as a model family.  I have no idea why that might be. 

But suddenly that has changed.  Because this morning I walked into Charlotte's nursery and found this on the wall.
Yes, get us.
Jamie mentioned it to me last week, but I forgot until he pointed it out today.  I assume Vanessa provided the pictures (unless one of the nursery staff broke into our house, which I wouldn't rule out) .
Although trying to appear "cool" (a look I have never managed to pull off), I was especially thrilled that we appeared to be one of only three families on display.  (I didn't have time to subtly confirm the identity of the others, but would guess at the Waltons and perhaps the Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie). 
Now that we're clearly on the road to collective stardom, the obvious next steps for me are to  negotiate a contract for Jamie to model chav clothes, buy Vanessa a big pair of sunglasses and insist she carries Charlotte everywhere she goes.  Meanwhile, I will rethink my hair, have a load of trashy tattoos plastered all over my body and sign-up for a basketful of highly paid and meaningless "ambassadorial" roles. 
I knew our time would come.