Thursday, 8 August 2013

Half Dad Half Red Coat

Do you like my handiwork?  It's Jamie's UNIT soldier ID card which, according to the Doctor Who magazine it came with, enables him to "gain access to top security sites" (yet, I imagine, won't allow him to go to the bar and buy me a pint of Guinness.  The new Doctor's first assignment will hopefully be to sort that out).

His beret did remind me of another renowned urban warrior.  Uncanny, isn't it?

Yes, it's day three of me being in sole charge of the kids - albeit that Charlotte's been at nursery for two of them.

On Tuesday, I took Prince Him and Princess Her to nearby Tumble Town for some soft play, followed by an afternoon train ride to Ilkley...

and a go on the bouncy castle.

Yesterday, us boys headed to the Royal Armouries museum in Leeds, where Jamie became a true White Knight...

...and had a close look at what a real one used to climb into.

Later, he got to examine a lady boar's toilet equipment - which led me to delay our sandwich lunch.

He followed this with his first ever whole fish for tea, which he wolfed down like an Eskimo. 

And he has eaten well.

This morning, we went for a big boys' breakfast at Morrisons (there are more reasons to go there than somewhere nice, predominantly based around cost).

And after a lunch of fish fingers, Smiles and beans - which I'm just about to knock up - it's microwaved spaghetti bolognese for tea. 

In between, he and me are off to the swimming pool so I can make a mouth of myself on the inflatables.  

Yes, I just about remember when I had school holidays too.

Thankfully, Vanessa reclaims the captain's armband tomorrow.