Friday, 23 August 2013

Sand in my sneakers

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Portstewart Strand. 

Alongside the other taxing activities I involved myself in during the Whites' trip to Northern Ireland, I spent a significant amount of time running up, down and around what you see before you. 

There are many worse places for me to train for the Great North Run - now little more than three weeks away - as the sand is soft and my knee continues to be sore.  And the scenery isn't half bad either.

Thanks to a generous donation from Mags' wonderful parents Moira and Alasdair, my "running total" (do you see what I did there?) has reached £176 - which is great.

But I want to increase that amount significantly before the gun goes and I disappear off into the distance, leaving wee Mo Farah crying in my wake

I'll be out training again tonight, and am planning to tackle 10 miles on Sunday. 

You can access my fundraising page by clicking onto THIS LINK

It would be very kind of you if you did.