Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What are you looking at, big head?

Natives of Ulster will not need to be advised that the man, sorry, potato Jamie and Charlotte are posing with is none other than Mr Tayto whom they met at Belfast City Airport last week.
Mr Tayto - who, of course, lives in Tayto Castle - has been the potato face of Tayto crisps since the 1950s, starring in many of his own global advertisements.
In short, he is a potato worthy of respect and the chance to meet him is normally one to savour.
Which Jamie and Charlotte did.  Initially.
And then, well, Mr Tayto must have spoken out of turn as the mood suddenly changed.
And matters escalated.

Eventually getting totally out of control.

As a result, we didn't take any Tayto crisps with us on the plane back to Yorkshire.
That will teach you Mr Tayto (although, if you're reading this, a box of Onion Rings wouldn't go amiss).