Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A cracking tale

There's an Easter egg competition at nursery today, and here is Charlotte proudly showing off her entry.

Unfortunately, what she doesn't yet know - and one fears is about to find out - is that Mummy forgot about said competition until just moments before this picture was taken.

The result is that Charlotte's egg was cooked for a significantly shorter period than the recommended norm to achieve hard-boiled status.

You can guess the rest.  But, as a responsible parent, I fail to see the yoke (OH COME ON!!!)


Yes friends, the nursery egg-off is over for another year and, when I went in to pick her up, no-one told me that Charlotte had won.

This might explain why.

What do you mean you can't spot Charlotte's exhibit in amongst the farmyard scene, Peppa Pig on a slide and Jesus being born as an egg?

Hold on, I'll zoom in.....................look, there it is.

I think Charlotte's can only properly be described as the reverse of a stand-out entry.  But at least it's in tact.

(Were I not such a nice daddy, I might gently enquire as to what - if any - distractions some of the other parents have in their lives if they have the time to build such dreamy scenes.  But I am.  So I won't.  Not that I'm bitter.  F*****s).