Sunday, 13 April 2014


We were in Belfast recently (we're always in Belfast recently) and took Jamie (and Charlotte) to see Titanic Belfast (Belfast three times in one sentence, whoops, that's four). (And four sets of brackets, inclusive).

Titanic Belfast is a wonderful place, highly recommended, please go.

However, the fact is - and one you may have noticed - the Titanic sank.

This brings me on to tonight and the kids' bath.  For some reason (and one I had no wish to argue with), Jamie asked for some fiddly-dee music.

So I put on A Bang on the Ear by The Waterboys. Went down a storm.  Next up, Galway Girl by Steve Earle and Sharon Shannon.  Ditto.

With the skin beginning to crinkle, I played one final song.

The Irish Rover by The Pogues and The Dubliners.  Does it get any better?  I'd say no.

Rather than some bath dancing/splashing, Jamie chose to listen attentively before hitting me with questions.


"Yes, son?"

"You know the Titanic?"

"Yes, son."

"It sank, didn't it?"

"It did, yes."

"Well, the Irish Rover.  Didn't it sink too?"

"Ronnie Drew said it did, so that's good enough for me son."

"So, do all Irish boats sink?"

Hmmm, good point.  They don't, do they?!