Thursday, 17 April 2014

Flappy Bird

You'll no doubt remember that famous episode of Fawlty Towers when Polly is lying in bed wearing dark glasses pretending to be Sybil.

In fact, here she is.

Well that's pretty much exactly what Vanessa looks like tonight.  She's awake in bed now but this was her having tea a little earlier.

The reason for the Posh Spice-meets-Stevie Wonder look is that she's had her flaps done.

I assume it's an age thing, but at 3pm today she went for a long-planned slice and a tuck.

Jamie and I arrived a little later just in time to catch the end of the action.

Who would have thought the optician's could be so exciting?

Yes, Mrs W has had laser eye surgery (what did you think I meant?) and, like an old witch or a mangy owl or a smelly bat, has been advised to avoid daylight until her flaps heal.  

On the downside, she is in some pain.  More positively, I am able to watch the Premier League Darts on TV almost free from interruption.  (The exception is when she shouts downstairs to demand more chocolate, although I have made clear that the tuck shop is only open during advert breaks).

In a couple of days, armed with her new peepers, she'll finally get to see what I really look like.  Just one reason why I doubt I'll ever get mine done.