Tuesday, 3 June 2014

I may not be from this planet

I have an occasional tendency to get a teeny weeny bit carried away. It is, I hope, normally with the best of intentions. But the outcomes of my character flaw tend not always to be for the better.

By way of illustration, let me share with you a brief example which appears to have come back to kick me in the dangly bits.

Above you can see our shed - ably guarded by Gary, Robbie, Mark, Howard and Jason who have recently relocated from front to back garden to stop dogs peeing on them.

In a deep mid-winter moment of madness, I was looking out of the back window in the company of Jamie, a committed Doctor Who fan. (When I say "committed" I mean he watches it with me from behind the living room sofa, where I moved to after Billie Piper left).  And I had an idea.

That's right, I would paint our garden shed to look exactly like the TARDIS!

I mean, it couldn't be that hard. Could it?

Surely all I required was a big pot of navy paint, some white paint and two brushes. Job done.

However, as the days passed, I began to consider potential complications. For instance, I would probably have to use waterproof paint. Can you get navy waterproof paint? What would happen if Jamie suddenly went off the last of the Timelords and we were stuck with a life-size TARDIS in our garden?  And what if he didn't and we were still stuck with a life-size TARDIS in our garden?

So I went quiet on the plan, batted off Jamie's questions on timing when the issue was raised and hoped the problem would go away.  And as the weeks ticked by, the questions became less frequent and I seemed to be almost in the clear.

That was until last Monday afternoon when we were walking through Scarborough.  And guess what we came across?

Yes, this.

Does anyone know where I can get a big pot of navy blue waterproof paint?