Sunday, 8 June 2014

Making my mark

I had hoped to spend a bit of time this afternoon watching some sporting pursuits on the telly.  Unfortunately Jamie beat me to it and is now enjoying The Empire Strikes Back from the comfort of his wigwam.   I never win a round these days.

Meanwhile, we have a slight issue with Charlotte who this morning made two unexpected announcements:

  1. She is getting a tattoo of a (as yet unidentified) fairy; and
  2. She is getting a tattoo of Princess Rapunzel.

I have to say, this is very disappointing not to mention inconvenient news.

The thing is, to my knowledge Guiseley doesn't have a tattoo parlour.  We had one almost next door when we lived in Pudsey, and I could just have taken her straight there - especially as the big telly is engaged.

Also, there is the cost issue.  I have checked and she does have a few coins rattling around in her money bank, but I suspect there won't be quite enough.  So, inevitably, I'll have to pay.

And, of course, what happens if Charlotte goes off fairies and, perish the thought, Rapunzel between now and her very old age?  I mean, it could just be a fairy fad.  And some nasty fate might befall Rapunzel in part three of the Tangled trilogy.  All of a sudden, the current Disney darling could be yesterday's princess, leaving Miss White stuck with an unwanted 18 inch four-colour portrait on her back with the potential to become a source of mild embarrassment at swimming club.

Right, I've made my mind up.

It's no tattoos for Charley Farley until she's at least four, and possibly even five.

You might think I'm being harsh - and, deep down, I know myself that I am - but the decision is made.

It's time to wipe the smile off her face.