Monday, 2 June 2014

Jamie does an athlon

A new experience for the White family this afternoon as Jamie took part in his first ever mini-duathlon.

Above you can see the crack field of competitors receiving their last minute instructions from a bloke in shorts.

And here is our man just before the off watched, in order of seniority, by an anxious grandfather, mother and sister.

For the uninitiated, a mini-duathlon is basically a mini-triathlon without the need to get wet (although, ironically, Jamie has since gone off for his swimming lesson).

You could smell the tension at the start (trust me, you really could).

And then it was go.

 Before the running bit.

And the medal bit, following a very respectable top-half finish.

Indeed, Charlotte enjoyed the whole thing so much that we then had to organise a special presentation in her honour for being the best supporter.

Which meant they both got a nice pudding.

So a successful outcome for everyone involved.  Although, between you and me, I suspect the Brownlee brothers will have little to worry about for some time yet.