Monday, 16 June 2014

Who's that girl?

It was Jamie's school sports day this afternoon and our boy is nothing if not consistent.

Yes, for the second year in a row, the Zebras came fourth - that's last to you and me.  Although, as in 2013, Jamie still hasn't worked that bit out and remains blissfully happy with the result.  Good.

And to be fair, he did give everything he had and made me very proud.  

That said, I was less thrilled about his attire.  As you can see below, Jamie (tee shirt pulled up) was dressed in a particularly tight pair of shorts.  I think they're what's known in the sporting trade as "girl's shorts." And that's exactly what they were after a wardrobe mix-up with a female classmate.  

This led to inevitable undercarriage issues which subsequently attracted the attentions of most of Yellow Class.

However, this was as nothing when compared to headteacher Mrs Bell's efforts to hold the attention of the large crowd.

And this year the Big Bong made sure she was properly equipped for the task at hand.

Separated at birth I'd say.