Saturday, 5 September 2015

48 hours till summer's end

It's the start of a long weekend and our last two nights at Holiday Village Turkey.  And that's probably about right.

Honestly, this all-inclusive lark is very bad for your health.

This morning we had a late cooked breakfast followed by a visit to the Pancake Lady.

After Jamie and Charlotte are released from their kids clubs (it's Archery and Mini Monsters respectively), it'll be time for lunch and first thoughts of a drink.

That said, with Ireland due to beat England at rugby on TV this afternoon, I don't want to peak too early.

Yesterday was our boat trip in the company of Captain Popcorn.

Yo-ho-ho and I'll have another beer if you're asking.

We had four swim stops in all, although Charlotte only jumped in once because her life jacket wasn't pink.

How undignified.

Jamie found the courage to enter from the top deck.

(So did I but you're not seeing my half-cooked body).

Sadly, I wasn't given the chance to dress up like a pirate, which hurt my feelings a bit.

But thankfully it wasn't as painful as when I cut my heel on a rock and turned the sea red.  For a second I was sure Jaws was going to rise from beneath the foam and bite me on the arse.

It's Chinese night in the restaurant tonight.

Before the Widgets take to the stage .

And, if the evening ends like the last two, it'll be off to the Chill Out Bar for a bedside drawer full of night caps. 

For now though, it's back to my book.

See you in the wind and the rain any time from Tuesday.