Thursday, 10 September 2015

Flash Dad

One of those golden moments this morning when both Jamie and Charlotte were packed off to school together for the first time; Jamie into year three, Charlotte to reception.

Well, I say together. Charlotte doesn't actually start officially until later this afternoon as she and her fellow mini-inmates begin the process of "settling in."  But she was determined to go along with Jamie in all her new garb before returning home.  In fact, last night she insisted on sleeping au naturel so she could slip into her uniform as soon as she woke up.

St Oswald's C of E Primary School will be their new home for the next few years after a bit of a rejig of education places in Guiseley.  And the look and feel of everything there so far has been more than positive.

Of course, when you're new somewhere, it's always good to seek to create a positive impression - and that includes the parents.

After coiffuring Jamie for what seemed like hours this morning - Vanessa "did" Charlotte - I climbed into a pair of sensible trousers and put on a shirt, just so I didn't let the siblings down.

And when we arrived at the playground, I spend the next 15-20 minutes smiling manically at all and sundry with teachers at the head of my mental queue.

It was only as I walked back out the school gates that I realised my zip had been open all along.

Tomorrow, whatever the weather, I think it's best not to turn up in a long plastic coat.