Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A final flog of the Turkish horse

Almost 48 hours after arriving home from Turkey, I finally feel strong enough to talk about it.

Honestly, coming back from holiday is always a big ordeal for.

And the hardest part of all?  Passing beaming, pasty-faced new arrivals - either in the hotel lobby or at the airport - who are about to steal our fun.  I. Hate. You. All.

More positively, we did conclude our week-long trip on a series of highs.

Above you can see the audience selfie taken after Sunday's final show.  We're in there somewhere.

I dad danced all night and my calf muscles continue to grumble as a result.

Afterwards Charlotte got to meet her new stage heroine, Jess, the female lead.  

Ms White insisted on it after male lead "Smithy" (below centre) posed for a pic for me.

We also had a photo with the charming Pickthalls, our new friends from Milton Keynes, who we look forward to seeing again soon.

And then we stopped off for a final nightcap before bed.

Jamie was wise enough to stay on soft drinks as he was booked in for a climbing session the following morning.

The low point of the week?

Undoubtedly Vanessa's failure to win the star prize - a Russell the Brussel tee shirt - in Saturday evening's quiz.

And the highlight?

No question, my karaoke performance of "Forever in Blue Jeans" on the first night.

Sadly it was only a highlight for me.