Thursday, 3 September 2015

Village People: Episode IV

Greetings from Turkey where, as we approach the halfway point of our week-long holiday, I've finally got my backside onto a sun lounger.

After three years of taking the kids to a Holiday Village, this summer we chose to have a good think about where we might go. Then we booked into a Holiday Village.

But we like Holiday Villages so that's OK.

That said, we are having some trouble persuading Jamie and Charlotte to go to their kids clubs/borstals.

Thankfully they did break their duck yesterday. Charlotte led off with a visit to Cowgirl School. 

Note the face paint (which I thought only Red Indians wore). She's also holding a self-made "dream weaver."  What that's got to do with being a cowgirl, only Calamity Jane knows. But it kept her occupied for an hour and a half which was very welcome. 

Then, last night, both she and Jamie visited Space Camp where they made rockets and stuff whilst Mummy and Daddy played out. 

We were very grateful. 

Earlier, we went on a shopping trip into the nearby village. 

Goods on offer included a pregnant Barbie.

And some genuine fake Ferraris. 

Charlotte also bought a hair clip which, as the evening went on, I think even she had some nagging style doubts about. 

Jamie was never convinced. 

With an all-day boat trip planned for tomorrow, we're aiming for an early, sensible night tonight.

Aye right.