Monday, 21 September 2015

Swinging and in pain

We had ourselves a family day out yesterday.

Well, we let them out eventually.

But it wasn't just us Whites who were involved in our pilgrimage to Flamingo Land theme park in North Yorkshire. Hell no.

Below left you can see Jamie and Charlotte's daredevil cousin Holly, the bravest junior lady I've yet encountered.

She was the most delighted balloon occupant when the basket eventually rose high into the air.

And she was even more thrilled after joining cousin Oliver at the front of this ride, known as Kumali.

I mean, look at the size of it.

Holly's dad, Jonathan, was almost as brave sitting a few rows behind.

And perched as far back as you could go was Uncle Barry, having just been to the gents.

My problems began early after the ride lady viciously slammed the metal harnessy thing right onto my poorly shoulder, before locking me in like a sweary sardine.

Then it was time to begin the slow ascent to the top of the ride, the bit I hate most.  It probably took about 30 seconds, but felt like most of my adult life.

And then this.

Honestly, it was brutal.

Jamie and Charlotte thought I was very brave.  They'll find out eventually.