Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Bugger me

Following yesterday's lament about being attacked by large-fanged insects, today help was suddenly at hand when I received this Tweet.

Yes, someone at Direct Line (with a fine taste in blogs) has kindly devised me a "directfix" (do you see what they did there?) "for pesky summer bugs."  Clearly I'm flattered.

If you can't read the graphic, I know you will be desperate not to miss out on such insect wisdom.  So here goes.

It turns out there are three - yes THREE - secrets to a bug-free summer.


And how, pray tell?

"Wasps, bees and flies hate the smell of peppermint oil."

Right, didn't know that.  But I don't have any peppermint oil in.

"Buy from Holland & Barrett."

Oh right.  To be fair, I've not seen peppermint oil in Poundland.


Go on.

"Place sticky jam jars away from the table to distract the bugs."

I'm not really a jam fan, but hopefully you'll get bitten less by knowing that.

And number 3?


With what?

"Use After Bite Xtra Gel to soothe stings." 

OK.  I've not spotted After Bite Xtra Gel in Poundland either although they do have vinegar.

Anyway, consider yourself fully briefed.  On behalf of my new friends at Direct Line and myself, I would like to wish you a bug free remainder of the summer.  Be safe my friends.

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