Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Ready, steady, reminisce

A memorable occasion today when we Whites attended the first ever St Oswald's Primary School Sports Day; Jamie and Charlotte as competitors, Vanessa and I as proud parents.

With headteacher Mr Madeley commanding proceedings in the guise of Axl Rose...

..our two just went for it.

Charlotte was prolific in the sack.

(Stop it!)

Whilst Jamie flew over the hurdles like a big heron.

And there was an unexpected twist at the end when Master White lined-up for the Year 3 boys' sprint final, having recently battled his way through the heats (something we were unaware of).

Pictured third from the left below, he got off to a reasonable start before picking his knees up.

And you'll never guess what?

Yup, he only bloody won.

I was thrilled for him, of course.  Just as I was when Charlotte made herself a paper medal back at home.

But, selfishly, I was more pleased for myself.  Because it reminded me of sports days gone by when I used to do alright.

Indeed, if you'll forgive me, today's events have driven me to self-indulgence.

This photo was taken at the Coleraine Inst Sports Day almost 30 years ago.

That's me in the middle.  Ah, the way we were!

I'm already looking forward to next year.

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