Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Two trimmers in the hand are worth more than a bush

I've not had a good night. And it's all because of this.

Yes, it's our big hedge.

I had a go at cutting it last year but things did not end well.

In fact, they ended just as soon as I cut through the power lead of my electric trimmer.

Making matters worse, I thought I managed to blow something in our electrics and had to get a man out.  He charged me a tenner for turning the trip switch back to "on."

That was last April and I stubbornly chose not to trim the hedge again, until tonight that is.

Our neighbour came round the other day to ask what plans I had for it this year.  I proudly informed her that - on a whim - I'd just invested in a new trimmer and was happy to cut her side too.  She went away seeming satisfied.

After tea, I went into her garden to begin my man work.

Ten minutes later, this happened.

Yup, sliced right through the cable of my brand new weapon. Again.

Honestly.  You couldn't f***ing make it up.

At least I knew what to do with the trip switch - I was connected to our electric supply via an extension lead - after returning home with my tail between my legs.  

I think I'll just go to bed now.  

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