Friday, 22 July 2016

Even the grass has grown

It's the last day of term - in fact, they've just been released back into the wild - meaning it's time for the traditional comparative pictures.

The jumpered-up shot was taken back in September when they were about to walk to St Oswald's CofE Primary for their first ever day.  Jamie was going into Year 3, and Charlotte was making her proper school debut in Reception.

I made them pose for the "summer wear" photo first thing this morning.

And haven't they grown? (Be assured that Jamie is wearing shorts, so hasn't actually doubled in size).

Charlotte's face has got cheekier over the last 10 months, which I'm quite relaxed about.

Meanwhile, Jamie - in my view - does look more "mature."  And to be fair, he tends to behave that way too - possibly something to do with the badge on his shirt which says, "School Council."

But they've had a good first year at St Oswald's, which makes us feel rightly grateful, particularly to their teachers.

Now for six weeks of solid misadventure....        

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