Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Living history lessons

In common with many parents, I like to shove the kids in front of the TV when something historic is happening. 

This is principally so I can bore them in later years when I'm old and doddery, and also embarrass them in front of their friends. 

To illustrate, this was Jamie back in May 2010 when David Cameron arrived in Downing Street to take over from Gordon Brown.

So it was therefore only logical to force him to watch this evening's goings on as Theresa May ascended to the prime ministerial throne.

He's a bit bigger now.

For what it's worth, I once spent a brief time in Theresa May's company as we were going through security at a conference in Blackpool. That was quite a few years ago and she was very charming.

I suspect she would get through much quicker now than she did back then.

Meanwhile, I've become even more insignificant.

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