Friday, 9 September 2016

Dobok rocks

Look at him.  Hard as nails these days.  Just like his dad (COUGH!!!)

Yes, as all parents will be very well aware, it's that time of the year when new school uniforms are not your child's sole additional wardrobe requirement.  Hell no.

Jamie's new rugby kit is already somewhere between the supplier and our house.

Charlotte has just decided to become an international gymnast so we'll have to shell out for whatever the modern term is for a leotard.

And as well as playing for the GB sevens rugby team, Jamie has chosen to double up at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics by going for gold in Tae Kwon-Do.

To be fair, he went to classes for a few months prior to the summer break and loved it.  But we didn't get the outfit straight away in case he had a tiff with his new sport.  And they're not robes - or even pyjamas. It's called a dobok.  It's foreign, you see.

I learnt quite a lot about Tae Kwon-Do during the Rio Olympics.  (In fact, I probably developed a clearer understanding of what was going on than the befuddled BBC commentators on a junket).

There's lots of kicking and punching.  There's a bit of bowing.  And whether it's ladies or gents involved in the scrap, there's always a high frequency of shrieking at high frequency.

But I like it and, more importantly, so does Crusher White, yellow-striped belt having already been earned .

So don't even think about stealing my dinner money - or I'll send him round.  

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