Monday, 5 September 2016

Oh Balls

Ex-Shadow Chancellor Ed "Glitter" Balls made something of an impact on his Strictly Come Dancing debut on Saturday night whilst dressed as a darts player.

He later admitted, with commendably good grace, that he'd signed up for the programme principally because he was going through something of a midlife crisis.

And he's not alone.

Earlier in the summer I damaged my arm after propelling myself into a shallow foam pit at CarFest North.

It's still far from healed and, prior to going to Portugal, a doctor's visit was planned.

Indeed, the continuing pain persuaded me not to join Jamie on an artificial "bodyboard experience" during our last full day in the Algarve last Thursday.

Until I changed my mind.

And two cracked ribs later, I came to regret my decision.

That's Jamie hiding behind his board through sheer embarrassment.

I hope Ed Balls has better luck in the weeks ahead.        

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