Thursday, 1 September 2016

And now the end is beer

Good morning one last time from the White family holiday where all things Portugese will shortly come to an end (despite almost everyone else here appearing to be French).

However, as we don't actually fly until tomorrow evening, there's still plenty of time to collect a few more novel memories. And pieces of tat.

Charlotte has added another yappy dog - Flora - to the one she already owned - Laura.

And Jamie has bought himself a string puppet - Darren.

Oh, and Charlotte has added a flashing Minnie Mouse bow to her pile of things never to be used ever again when she gets back home.

To be fair, Vanessa treated me to a backscratcher which I'm admittedly very pleased about.

As I tap this out, Charlotte is back in the art studio creating another masterpiece.

Whilst behind the tree, Jamie is having a go at "soft" archery.

It'll never catch on in Yorkshire.

And that's about the height of it.

We're planning a wave-jumping trip to the beach this afternoon.

There will be our last irresponsible all-inclusive dinner tonight, possibly followed by dad dancing.

And then tomorrow it's a trip to the Old Town for a wander, some food and the emptying of the Euro wallet.

Midnight should see us home and my "tan" will be safely gone by Monday.

Thanks for sharing in our little adventure. See you soon.

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