Thursday, 10 February 2011

Charlotte is an Ulsterwoman

Charlotte faced a true test of national identity last night and, I'm delighted to report, she passed with flying and white.

Vanessa was putting Jamie to bed so Miss White and I decided we would watch a bit of footy on the box.

We started with the England game in Denmark on ITV1, which kicked off first.  But, as you can see above, she was far from impressed at the sight of Fabio Capello's men.

So, come 7.45pm, I flicked over to Sky Sports 1 where Northern Ireland were playing Scotland.

And her mood quickly improved...

...reaching a peak when Northern Ireland's all-time leading goalscorer David Healy got off the bench to warm up.

Just think how euphoric she would have been had her newest heroes not been stuffed 3-0. 

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