Saturday, 26 February 2011

Happy Toy Story Day

All parents will be well aware of the need to be innovative and adventurous in our quest to get our sprogs to do what we want them to do.

Failing that, we can throw money at the problem.

Vanessa and I have plumped for a combination of the two as we seek to persuade Jamie to give his room to Charlotte.

On the face of it, our son is getting a good deal.  What has, until now, been the spare room is much bigger than his present box, the windows are huge and he's even getting a double bed to himself. 

But he's not yet the world's greater sharer - never mind giver - so the idea of handing over his bachelor pad to his smelly sister doesn't fill him with glee.

So, we've come up with a plan.  Because today, my friends, is the first ever Toy Story Day  - or at least that's what we've told him.

Jamie - rapidly becoming the world's biggest Toy Story fan - began the day watching his new DVD box set of the trilogy.

Above you can see him under what he calls his "Woody Hat" (in reality, the property of Yorkshire County Cricket Club).

He was then presented with his very own "Slinky" - the one principal Toy Story character he didn't previously own.

And, when he wakes up from his lunchtime sleep, we'll show him his new Toy Story bedspread, pillow case, pictures and night light, all of which will take pride of place in his new suite, alongside those cast members who are currently snoozing alongside him.  

Let's hope that tonight he has the best sleep he's ever had.

But he obviously won't.

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