Thursday, 24 February 2011

I swear I can smell them

Day 3, and Pudsey remains gypsy infested. 

But Charlotte has had enough - not of our tarmac-rolling friends but of me getting annoyed about them.  (One almost knocked me over last night, as he flew past on his pikey skateboard).

Now, when you're only two months old, ways of expressing your displeasure are limited.

First, there is the obvious one - crying. Very, very loudly.

Then you can wee, poo or vomit on the person who's irritating you with their inane banter.

Or you can simply fall asleep in the middle of their rant. 

Last night - being a lady - Charlotte decided on the least offensive option, and dropped off during my mid-evening huff. 

And when she woke up a few minutes later, she remained determined to make her point and held her counsel to make sure I had changed subjects - which I had.

She then gave her verdict.

I'll smile too if we're caravan-free by this evening.     

PS For the record, what you can see above is the first time our daughter has been captured on camera sporting a proper grin. 


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