Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pudsey pikeys

We people of Pudsey have had some unexpected visitors arrive in our midst.

Yes, the gypos have come to town.

I was walking through the car park of New Pudsey train station last night, looking at my feet, when some lights caught the corner of my eye.

It was the lights of a pikeymobile.  And, when I looked up, I soon discovered it was in the company of several others.

They were still there this morning, although our travelling friends seemed to be having a bit of lie in after their long journey.

Thankfully, they had come prepared with satellite equipment all set up for the beginning of The Jeremy Kyle Show. 

With my train already awaiting, I didn't have time to ask to see their TV licences, or their parking permits, or to check whether they knew where Asda was. 

But, on my way through this evening, I am adamant - if approached - that the Whites have no need of any more clothes pegs.

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