Saturday, 28 May 2011

I didn't have grey hair in 2005

Vanessa and I were married six years ago today - so only 12 more months until she gets the itch. 

Ever the traditionalist, I did a bit of research the other day to discover that sixth wedding anniversary gifts should be themed around sugar and/or metal.

However, being a little busy this week, it was only yesterday lunchtime that I got around to searching for appropriate items.

The sugar bit was easy: a full-size chocolate bottle from Thornton's?

"I'll have one!" said me to the bored assistant.

The metal element proved a touch more problematic.

A new iron?  She'd kill me.

Photo frames?  She has loads.

Jewellery?  Nothing jumped out.

A new car?  I'd never get it home on the train.

And then it came to me.

A king-size bottle of Bombay Sapphire - complete with metal cap.

Sometimes my genius amazes even me.

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