Friday, 13 May 2011

Wee John comes out of the closet (as not gay)

Something very surprisingly has happened in relation to this blog; somewhat incredibly, I’ve had complaints for not updating it since Monday. Gripes like that are very warmly received.

The truth is that not very much has happened in my world over the last few days, at least not stuff that I imagine you would have the slightest interest in hearing about. (And, before you say it, yes I know this has not stopped me before).

The exception was Tuesday night’s discovery – during a brief sojourn to our nation’s capital city – that Wee John has been playing at home. In his Wee Bed. With fully grown ladies.

The revelations – which His Weeness/Smugness made no effort to deny – were made by his admirably patient flatmate Shane, who you’ve met before.

More details will be released her over the coming days.

But there will be no pictures - principally because I don't have any. But I'm working on it.

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