Monday, 16 May 2011

I'll take that

Today was to be the day when I hoped to receive some good news and some bad news.

On the plus side - according to the dreamy side of my brain - I was to become the proud owner of some prime tickets for next year's Olympics.  More negatively, I was going to end up heavily in debt as a result. 

But, in common with everyone else I know who applied, it's been one huge anti-climax - for now, at least. 

I've just done some online digging and found a comment from London 2012 organisers confirming that the month-long process of taking money out of people's accounts had begun, but that current numbers were "a trickle, not a flood." So we'll see what tomorrow brings (or takes away from my battered bank balance).

However, as luck would have it, some real tickets did arrive today - you can see one above.

Is it wrong to feel just a tinge of excitement?

Yes, you're right; it's very wrong indeed. 

But I'm still going to go.

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