Friday, 6 May 2011

Another year, another cliche

It's stupid o'clock and I'm sitting up to watch the overnight coverage of the election results in England, Scotland and Wales - they don't count in Northern Ireland until the morning. 

There's nothing actually happening at the moment (I can tell you're surprised) so I thought I might take the opportunity to briefly advise that my visit to the polling station went as it has always gone since I moved to Pudsey in 2004, although this year with an added twist.    

And I quote.

Polling clerk: "Name?"

Me: "Barry White."

Polling clerk: "Are you the Barry White?"

Me: "No."

Polling clerk [pointing at her large, black, female colleague several desks along]: "Would you like to sing to her?

Me: "No."

Her friend didn't look too disappointed, to be fair.   But perhaps a little shocked. 

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