Monday, 21 November 2011

Martin Johnson's big chopper

Above, guys and gals, you can see former England rugby manager Martin Johnson last Saturday afternoon.

And below you can see his helipad.

Well, I say helipad. It's actually Ilkley Rugby Club's first fifteen pitch.

On which landed Martin Johnson's helicopter.

It didn't have to come far, mind.

In fact, it travelled a total of 200 yards from Ilkley Cricket Club, literally just over the road, where it was parked.

"Johnno," as he's known to his chums, was in Ilkley to open the rugby club's impressive new £1.3 million clubhouse, for which - to his immense credit - he didn't take a fee. But he was more than happy to accept the offer of a lift.

And after having lunch, conducting the formalities and watching Ilkley defeat Scarborough in the Yorkshire league, it was time to bid farewell...

....climb back on-board...

....take to the air...

...and begin the journey home.

In contrast, my train was late and the bog was blocked.