Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Turkey run

It is not uncommon for me to do silly things after a little bit too much wine. 

But one thing I try never to do in such situations is get my credit card out.  Sadly my determination to refrain is not always powerful enough. 

Previous moments of weakness have resulted in the purchase of flights and, in one particular moment of madness, tickets to an A-ha concert at Wembley Arena.  (It wasn't very good - no, really).

However, when I woke up on Monday morning, my sore head and dry mouth were suddenly the least of my worries. 

Thanks to the vocal encouragement of my good friend and fellow Coleraine man Paul Gaile (above left, bald as a coot), I entered the 2011 Chevin Chase - at a cost of £17.  

Let me tell you about this "fun" little event, and I quote:

"The Chevin Chase has enjoyed over 30 years of competitive and fun running.

"Entrants have included world champions alongside Xmas Trees and Santas!

"The run is approximately seven miles and is a winter race run in winter conditions.

"It is a hilly multi-terrain event which incorporates quiet country lanes, bridleways, rough tracks, paths, fields and stiles (and usually mud).

"However there are beautiful views at the top of Otley Chevin, for those who complete the gruelling climbs."

Oh, and it takes place on Boxing Morning.  

Remind me never to take drink.  (At least until the weekend).