Saturday, 12 November 2011

She near knocked her pan in

Last month I told you that Big Sean's sister Fiona was set to go to war with some other vacant mare in the name of charity.

The "White Collar Boxing" event (apparently "bitch fighting" isn't politically correct) took place last night and the excellent news is that "Smokin' Fi" was indeed victorious. 

My sister Gwen was kind enough to keep me informed from her ringside pew.

The best text simply advised that Fiona was "giving her death."

However, I'm very relieved to confirm that the "Portstewart Destroy Her" stopped short of actually killing her opponent . 

This is positive in lots of ways, including the fact that Big Sean - a policeman - did not have to lead his little sister away in handcuffs afterwards. 

So far Fiona's heroic efforts have raised almost £500 for Mencap.  But there's still time to give by clicking here.

And remind me not to spill her drink the next time I see her out.