Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Night/morning after 1

Belfast is no stranger to gangs of disreputable men, although thankfully less so in recent years.

But the dodgyometer in Northern Ireland's capital city shot up once again last Thursday night with the arrival of some seriously shifty individuals.

Pictured above (from left to right), in front of Belfast City Hall, are Wee Pav, Wee Charlie, Big Sean, Wee John, Medium Shane and (front) Reasonably Large Terence. 

And, joined by Wee John's sister Madonna and hubby Graham, here is everyone filling their faces (with Guinness) in a local restaurant.

Although, as Shane demonstrates, some wine did come into play a little later in proceedings.

Over the course of what became a very long night, we had the rare spectacle of Pav and Sean taking part in a Baldy Battle.  Always worth a watch.

And, briefly moving forward to Friday morning, note how the smiles have disappeared as the gathering seeks to collectively recover with first aid Northern Ireland style.  Or, as the locals call it, an Ulster Fry.  

More tomorrow, when it all begins to get just a little bit messy.