Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ready to rock. Kind of

This time tomorrow (it's approaching 9pm), I'll not be sitting here watching I'm A Celebrity (shame) writing this poo (let me remind you it's rude to cheer).

Instead, Mrs W and I will be sitting at the MEN Arena in Manchester watching Children In Need Rocks. 

If, unlike me, you don't read crappy papers, you'll not know what I'm talking about.  So, as my friend I'll tell you.

In short, it's a concert organised by Take That frontman/X Factor judge/ex-dullard fatboy Gary Barrow with all proceeds going to Children In Need (you probably worked the last bit out for yourself).

Those due to appear (other than ex-dullard fatboy) include Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Snow Patrol, Elbow, Michael Buble and others that are much younger than me so I'll not refer to them.  (Hugh Laurie, who's not much younger than me, is also due to warble but I regard him as that bloke from Blackadder/Fry and Laurie rather than a singer so he doesn't count).

Anyway, it should be good.

The good news is that it's being broadcast live on BBC1 from 8pm.

The bad news is that Vanessa and me are sitting so far back we're going to be lucky to see or hear anything of note.

So if anyone out there can text me during the performance to tell me how it's going, I'd be very grateful.

UPDATE: The BBC have confirmed that Cheryl Cole, who was booked to perform a duet with Gary Barlow, can't sing.  But why waste licence fee payers' money telling us something we already know?