Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bridge back to Ulster

Two weeks ago tonight, I returned from a whistle stop trip to Northern Ireland where I'd just had a new bridge concreted into my mouth.

I chose to have the job done at home for four reasons:
  1. My dentist in Coleraine is the best in the business
  2. My dentist in Leeds is not very good
  3. My dentist in Coleraine is reasonably priced 
  4. My dentist in Leeds wants every one of the few pennies I have together with my remaining worldly possessions
So, bridge inserted, we Whites set sail (albeit on a plane) for our family holiday in Menorca. 

Where I managed to break my bridge.

Next Tuesday, I head back to Coleraine to hopefully have my bridge patched-up.    

Sure, wouldn't life be boring if it was predictable?