Monday, 17 June 2013


Following the incredible highs of the London Olympics, many feared that 2013 would be a year of sporting anti-climax - myself included. 

But today I was proved wrong after attending Guiseley Infants School's annual sports day.

I was there to watch Jamie make his debut.  And I am delighted to report that he, like everyone else on parade, did themselves and their parents proud. 

Why our son was the only competitor wearing his school shoes rather than his pumps (which were in his school bag), goodness only knows.

But despite this unnecessary handicap, he ran fast, jumped high...

  ...and even demonstrated his prowess in the sack.

Yes, a proud moment. 

The spectacular afternoon ended with two inevitabilities.

First, a characteristically "rousing" (scary) speech from Mrs Bell, the headteacher. 

And second, the news that Jamie's team - the Zebras - had finished in "a highly commendable fourth place" (i.e. last). 

Still, in a surprise development, he won the beanbag throwing event, an achievement certainly worthy of some chocolate cake after his tea.

Unfortunately you can't toast sporting success with chocolate cake, so I'll probably have some wine.