Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Shoe got to be joking

Ever since returning from holiday yesterday afternoon - obviously "joyous" to be back - I've been fretting about just one thing; should I show you "the video."

Over the course of our ten days of wind, rain and snow (OK, there was no snow), Jamie totally threw himself into his Little Stars kids' club.  He spent a round 36 hours there - that's an entire day and a half for those not good with numbers - and enjoyed every minute.  Apart from one. 

I can't remember the exact title of the session in question, but I remember it had the word "splash" in it -  causing me immediate concern.  Reading the small print, I learnt that water pistols and water bombs were involved.  So I told Jamie he would be very welcome to sit this one out. 

"I want to go!" was his keen as mustard reply.  Fair enough.  So I put him into the required swimming gear, covered this with his tee shirt and shorts - as the rep suggested - and dropped him off at the club room. 

As I left, I overheard said rep telling another parent where on the resort the fun and games would be taking place.  So I made a mental note and, half an hour later, I was hiding in the bushes with my camera. 

Given that I was still a little distance away, I wasn't initially sure what was going on, before working out that it was a quiz.

The first nominated contestant was asked to name the largest dinosaur, and correctly answered T-Rex.  Good for him.

Then it was Jamie's turn.  Unfortunately for our boy, he was asked what I can only properly describe as a "b*stard question." 

And the penalty for getting it wrong was arguably a touch harsh.  But it was also, well, decide for yourself.

Please, please, please don't tell him that I showed you "the video."  Otherwise his reaction of just a few days ago is likely to be repeated.