Sunday, 9 June 2013

Jamie Schumacher

Following a particularly fun 24 hours in Welsh Wales with some especially generous natives, some English folk and a small smattering East Timorese Antipodeans, this morning we headed to the Legoland Discovery Centre in Manchester. 

Amongst the characters him and her encountered there were Buzz Lightyear...

...a neckless giraffe...

...and Ronnie Corbett and Giant Haystacks.

After all this star gazing, Jamie decided it was high time he went for a relaxing drive.

The concept behind Lego City: Forest Pursuit Ride (according to the bumph) is as follows: "Children can join a driving adventure as they take to the forest pathways in their own off-road Lego vehicles on a mission to capture the robbers."
Got it?  Great. 
It's at this point that I must remind you of two critical factors:
  1. Every one of Jamie's less impressive "attributes" is inherited directly from me; and
  2. I am yet to pass my driving test, having failed three times thus far.
So this was how he got on.
Actually, to be fair - this was him a couple minutes later. 
Now that I've seen it again, he's not much better is he?   Hmmm.
Maybe him and me can train it to work together in years to come.  Or perhaps Charlotte will give us both a lift.