Thursday, 7 August 2014

A month till the mayhem

It's exactly one month today until the Great North Run, which I fully expect to be my last.

Training this time has been much tougher than before, principally because the years are catching up with me (together with many over-sized fellow competitors).

The abdominal injury I picked up preparing for last year's race has never fully healed and gets very painful as soon as I run any sort of distance.

It has been joined by two new friends, Mr Sore-Groin and Mr Calf-Strain.  No-one likes uninvited guests and these two have bunked up and refused to leave my temple.  Still, the show must continue.

This includes out here in Tenerife where our holiday is now drawing to an end.  It's been much too hot for a pink-faced Coleraine man to be running outside, so I've taken to the hotel gym and endured the tuts of other guests as I go over the 20-minute treadmill limit.  How very dare me. 

As many of you may know, my somewhat ragged effort has been launched to raise money in memory of Mags Maciver, who died last year from leukaemia, and David McClarty who we lost to lymphoma on Good Friday.  Logically enough, my nominated charity is Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.  

For the record, I obtained the place through the public ballot, paid the entrance fee myself and have set my own target amount.  Every penny you may choose to donate will go straight to the charity, not pay for me to have a day out or new trainers.

Please give if you can by clicking onto: