Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Robbed again

Last night I failed to reach the final of the daddies' dancing competition for the second successive Tuesday.  This despite the compere recognising me from my previous effort and insisting that I cut my shapes from the front of the stage. You can interpret that any way you will. 

I can't say I'm not disappointed, even a little crushed.  But I'm nothing if not resilient and this holiday must go on.  Plus I have video evidence which I'll share with you when we get back and you can tell me how great I was.  

If the judges' failure to recognise my dance floor talents was the lowlight of last night's proceedings, their were two clear highlights.

The first was when Vanessa stood up during the children's TV quiz show game - the method by which to indicate you knew a correct answer - only to then advise the packed audience by roving microphone that she was on her way to the toilet.

The second was Jamie and Charlotte having their picture taken with London Mayor Boris Johnson.

Yes, Muppets everywhere you look.