Friday, 1 August 2014

Spinning and stuff

Greetings once again from Tenerife, the land of Pope cigarettes.

Other than a couple of minor frustrations caused by incompetent/can't be arsed reps, all is well.  (My mother reads this so best to set her mind at rest).

Aside from a failed attempt to beat the world wine-drinking record, my personal highlight of yesterday was attending a ladies' spin class.  Yes, just me and four other big girls.  Oh, and Alex, our Lycra-clad instructor.

I'd only previous spun (probably not the right term) just the once.  It was a charity event, I was dressed as Robin with Wee John in full Batman attire.  It hurt a lot.  And yesterday, coincidentally, it hurt a lot.  
To be fair, all present seemed to be enjoying an equal level of pain - including Alex.  Maybe it was only his second time too. 

I was particularly pleased to see the lady who proudly claimed to attend three spinning classes per week in some difficulty.  She wasn't a smiler.  

But, despite losing half my body weight in sweat - a real positive, in my book - I got through it.   Indeed, I might even sign up to a class when I get back home as I suspect my running days are almost over.   
Looking ahead to what's left of today and continuing the Portstewart theme, we are expecting some visitors to join us.   Yes, my old Japan tour team mate Sean and his domineering wife Melanie have booked the apartment next door to us for the evening.  Really.

Mr and Mrs Potatohead own their own place over here - which they very kindly let us stay in some years ago - and are popping over for 24 hours.  The chat will be racy and the drink shall flow.  I suspect Sean will also be very busy as Melanie is famously lazy.  A sanitised report and pictures of Melanie being lazy will follow.

In the meantime, here's a photo of Charlotte giving Whatsit the Widget a high five.