Sunday, 3 August 2014

They came, they saw, they left (me with a hangover)

Yes, our old mates and part-time Tenerife residents Sean and Melanie were as good as their word and arrived here on Friday to spend the night in the apartment next to us.  We'll see them next precisely three weeks today for an evening on Portstewart Prom.

Giving Melanie dog's abuse is one of my favourite past times.  But I love her really and she was magnicently entertaining.

So too was Mr F, particularly when doing "the bum thing" with Jamie.  However, before he becomes the latest high profile figure to come under investigation by Scotland Yard, perhaps I'd better explain. 

"The bum thing" involves Sean getting under water in the pool, grabbing Jamie by the hips and hurling him as high into the air as he can.  And that is quite high. And then do it again.  And again.  And, well, you get the idea.   It is legal, has full parental consent and Sean asked me to make that clear.

After almost three hours in the pool, some liquid refreshment and dinner, it was time to watch a parrot riding a bicycle.  This was a first for me, but not for Sean who met yet another Portstewart person in the main hotel bar and missed the bird's special moment. (The parrot's, not Melanie's.  Hopefully she had one later).  I suspect he'll never get over his disappointment. 

I also fear I'll never get over my hangover which has now been raging for a day and a half.  But it's been worth it.

Later, bunnies.