Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Vote for Clare. Then get someone else to vote for Clare.

Ladies and gentlemen, I need your help.  Or rather, the proud patrons of the Railway Arms, Coleraine do.

Above is a picture of Clare Johnston, landlady of said premises licensed to sell intoxicating liquor.  She is also unofficially the Best Bar Person in Northern Ireland.  Our job is to ensure that what is presently unofficial becomes official.    

Clare deserves the crown for a number of very good reasons.

Firstly, the Railways Arms is also unofficially the Best Bar in Northern Ireland (another anomaly we must seek to correct, but more on that in the coming weeks).  And the fact that Clare runs it is very directly related.

There is never any trouble.

The welcome offered to visitors from all parts by the regulars is second to none.  (I could tell stories).

The beer - particularly the Guinness - is without equal anywhere.

And the support offered to local charities and community groups is nothing short of remarkable.  It's not just a matter of putting on events and shaking collecting tins at others.  Hell no.  Clare, fond of a pint of the black stuff herself, fronts up.  For example, this year Clare abstained from alcohol for six months to raise money for The Boom Foundation, a charity set up in memory of Philip Wilson who lost his battle with sarcoma.  Now, I'm not sure I could give up alcohol for six months.  But to be in the Railways Arms every day and still avoid it, for me, would literally be impossible.

Here is Clare celebrating her achievement with partner Susan back in June.

It really is her, I promise.

So, if you've been to the Railway Arms, intend to visit the Railway Arms or simply want to make sure that the crown of Northern Ireland Bar Person of the Year 2014 goes to its rightful recipient, then you must let the organisers know.

And this can be done by sending a short email to bestbarperson@sundaylife.co.uk telling them why you think Clare must win.  Feel free to repeat any or all of the above.  Or, if you want more reasons to include in your submission, email me at barrywhitestuff@gmail.com and I will happily provide them.  

Barry White Snr doesn't do emails, but this campaign has his full approval and I'll ask him to write a letter.