Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Field of dreams

Greetings, dear friends, and let me begin by saying how delighted I am not to be sleeping in a tent again this evening.

Yesterday we returned from CarFest North in leafy Cheshire, all in aid of Children In Need.  And it was truly magnificent, no question about it.

Charlotte high-fived Pudsey Bear.

Later, Jamie and Charlotte properly met him and his lush Blush.

Charlotte hung out with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare.

Jamie cuddled up to the real (former Top Gear host) Chris Evans, albeit whilst His Gingerness was dressed as a gorilla.

Charlotte posed with an Oulton Park race track marshal pretending to be a snowman.

Both got to meet the pretend cast of the latest Star Wars movie, as Jamie grasped a giant snake.

They got to try out Danger Mouse's car.

Charlotte drove a real car.

And Jamie rode a speeding motorbike.

We all got to eat popcorn in a brand new yellow Jeep...

...whilst watching a drive-in movie.

And then there was the music.

Lots and lots of music.

The Proclaimers were good.

But the Corrs were the best for Charlotte and me.

Me even more so when Caroline came out from behind the drums.

I love Caroline.

And it wasn't just musicians on stage.

That's compere Chris Evans in the middle, having chosen to stop acting the gorilla.

Even 64-year-old Mr Motivator appeared, to get jiggy.

The general crowd highlight was when Faithless took to the stage to spark off a bout of middle-aged raving.  I don't have a picture as I was also too busy making a fool of myself, but you can watch the "action" here.

Honestly, it was like the Thriller video.

The opposite to a highlight was when I joined the other Whites in climbing up that massive inflatable obstacle you can see below, before plunging into a bathful of soap suds.  

I'm remain hopeful that my shoulder isn't actually broken and I've got away with severe tendon damage.  Missing out on selection for the Rio Olympics no longer seems so bad.

But what a privilege it was to be part of something just a little bit special.

Albeit in an effing tent.

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