Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Little People

We went to visit Jamie's other probable nursery today i.e. the one we're likely to send him to next June when Vanessa goes back to work. And it was hilarious.

I've never actually been in a proper nursery before. True, I did deliver and collect my little niece Katie from her playgroup the other week when back home. But I only went as far as the door.

As a result, I was really quite taken aback by what I saw - not to mention extremely amused.

The Little People Nursery in Stanningley is housed in a stone built former mill owner's house a couple of hundred yards away from where we live and takes kids from three months to five years old.

We go to the door at 8.45 this morning - me in work suit, Vanessa pushing Jamie in his pram with a coat over his sleep suit since we were in a rush - for our appointment.

And, whilst waiting in reception to be met, we looked around and got a taste of what was to come.

One sign on the wall advised that the staff were happy to clean your child's teeth after lunch if a tooth brush was provided (Jamie might have some gnashers by June, so useful to know).

Another said that parents should supply a hat and gloves if you wanted your sprog to play outside. Again sensible enough - but also very cute.

Then the lady arrived to greet us and begin our tour.

"There are only two babies in today and they're sleeping at the moment," she said, in a warm tone of voice. "But, if Jamie's not starting until June, he'll go into Toddler One so I'll take you straight there," before guiding us towards a door.

On the other side were around a dozen or more real little people, two having their breakfast and the rest sitting around on the floor playing with the cheerful looking staff.

It looked like the cast of Rugrats having a break from filming.

And because I'm tall and was standing up, they were small and sitting down, I must've looked enormous to them. They gazed up in amazement. There weren't many smiles, just bewildered wonderment at the giant. I loved it.

We moved on to "Toddler Two" room to be met by a similar scene and almost identical response, albeit that these cast members generally had slightly more hair and a lot more teeth than the first gathering.

And we finished off in the "Tweenies" room where the older four to five-year-old occupants were a bit less interested in us but smiley nonetheless.

Jamie flashed a gummy grin several times along the way and the staff grinned back which is surely a good sign.

As we left, Vanessa and I gave a strong collective hint to the lady that we'd found what we were looking for.

But, before getting through the door, she added that we were very welcome to come back for another look.

Without pausing for a breath, I suggested we pop in close to Christmas and she agreed. I'm already looking forward to it.

(I wonder if they're looking for a giant Santa?)

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