Friday, 10 October 2008


Yes folks, the weekend is finally upon us.

And making this weekend even more exciting than normal is that tomorrow night marks the beginning of The X Factor live shows. (Woo hoo!)

All three Whites are big fans but probably Jamie most of all.

He, like Daddy, loves Diana and believes strongly that Simon was right to take a gamble on wee Eoghan from Dungiven.

Mummy and Auntie Vicky are actually due to pop into Leeds for an early evening date with some Bangkok ladyboys. Really.

As a result, the Whites (plus Auntie Vickie who's staying over) will be watching The X Factor slightly later than broadcast, thanks to Sky +. But they won't be going to bed 'til it's done (and Daddy's had the chance to see Holly Willoughby on The Xtra Factor).

Daddy is not in the least bit upset about the short delay in watching the shows is as it means he can squeeze in Slovenia v Northern Ireland at 7.45pm.

Plus Mummy and Daddy's wine delivery arrived last night so, in the event of Jamie falling asleep, Daddy will still have lots and lots of good company.


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  1. The Phillips family too will be sky+ing Xfactor, as Mummy and Daddy phillips are at a masons do at the Lodge in Bradford!!!!
    It won't be long before young master white will be sky+ ing himself,and you will find your planner box full of 'Fifi and the flowertots, Postman Pat, Bob the builder etc etc . Everyone in our house now knows how to use '+' its just as it says on the advert, anyone can do it its that easy!!!!!!!